Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents

Events Sponsored by Board Institutions


The Board recognizes and protects the goal of the institutions it governs to be superior educational centers for the preservation, transmission and discovery of knowledge.   In striving to meet that goal, each Board Institution should be mindful that its faculty, students, staff, alumni, and supporters have a multitude of political, religious, and societal views.  Each Board Institution is expected to be a marketplace of ideas and to encourage the development of individual thoughts and viewpoints by its students.  In furtherance of this goal, Board Institutions should typically not engage in advocacy of a specific viewpoint and should be respectful of differing viewpoints.   Accordingly, any event sponsored by or statement made on behalf of, a Board Institution or any of its colleges, departments, affiliated entities, or other administrative offices:

      • must be consistent with the Board Institution’s core mission,
      • should not express or purport to express a position on behalf of the Board institution, or use the Institution’s marks, in relation to political, religious or social issues without the prior approval of the Institution’s President or the President’s designated representative, and
      • should not interfere with the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board Institution.

Nothing herein is intended to restrict speech allowed by the First Amendment or the academic freedom of faculty members.  See Board Policy 3.13. 

Approved Date:
October 21, 2022