Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents

Payrolls and Claims

All individual claims and/or payroll claims for the institutions governed by the Board will be certified for payment by the appointed head of the institutions or their designated administrative employees. Institutions are further given authority to establish a procedure to effect the settlement of interagency claims by transfer entry and payment of claims and payrolls by the electronic transfer of funds. Such optional settlement modes may be implemented when the CEO of the Board (with review of the procedures by the Office of Legal Counsel and the Office of Internal Audit) is satisfied such modes will substantially operate to the benefit of the state and without sacrifice to the security and integrity of the monies and records of the institutions. A review of the processing procedures of each institution shall be conducted annually by the Office of Internal Audit and reported to the Board.
Each institution under the governance of the Board shall forward individual claims and/or payroll claims directly to the Office of State Finance through paper document or electronic settlement.

Approved Date: 
May 21, 1993
Amended Date: 
June 20, 1997
January 20, 2012
April 24, 2015
June 22, 2018