Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents

OSU Athletics


WHEREAS, NCAA Article 6.01.1 Institutional Control states, “The control and responsibility for the conduct of intercollegiate athletics shall be exercised by the institution itself and by the conference(s), if any, of which it is a member.  Administrative control or faculty control, or a combination of the two, shall constitute institutional control.”

WHEREAS, NCAA Article 6.1.1 states, “A member institution’s chief executive officer has ultimate responsibility and final authority for the conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program and the actions of any board in control of that program.”


WHEREAS, the Board wishes to re-emphasize its commitment to strict compliance with these obligations of membership and all other NCAA, Big XII Conference and institutional rules governing intercollegiate athletics;

THEREFORE, the following athletics policies are adopted:

  1. Recognizing the ultimate responsibility assigned to the President and System CEO of OSU as the Chief Executive Officer of the institution, the Board directs the following three specific tasks to be implemented.  First, the President will meet annually with the Athletics Department staff and emphasize the absolute necessity for compliance with applicable legislation in spirit, as well as in fact.  Second, the President is directed to ensure that Oklahoma State University develops and maintains an athletics compliance program with personnel, budget and policies and procedures to provide adequate and appropriate institutional control as defined by standards and expectations of the NCAA.  And, finally, the President is directed to personally interview all candidates recommended for head coaching positions before employment is offered.

  2. As required by membership in the NCAA, all contractual agreements and offer letters describing terms and conditions of employment with coaches or other Athletics Department staff members will stipulate that the institution may suspend the individual for a period of time, with or without pay, or terminate employment for involvement in deliberate and serious violations of NCAA and Big XII Conference rules.  Before offers are made, professional references will be obtained and appropriate inquiries will be made to the NCAA and Big XII Conference offices regarding previous involvement with rules infractions.  Individuals with histories of involvement in major violations will not be hired by OSU.

  3. Subject to applicable NCAA procedures, any student-athlete who is knowingly involved in major NCAA or Big XII rules violations will be declared ineligible for competition in any sport at OSU.  A student-athlete whose eligibility is restored by theNCAA subsequent to committing a major violation must also be reinstated by the President before representing OSU in athletics competition.

  4. The Athletics Department is hereby directed to develop, periodically review and widely distribute a mission statement for OSU’s athletics programs to be approved by the President to identify the linkage of athletics programs to the educational mission of OSU and to specify adherence to the principles of fair play and amateur athletic competition.

  5. Athletics Department personnel, individual administrators and academic faculty and staff are directed to be particularly sensitive to issues of academic integrity and to emphasize educational and graduation goals for the individual student-athlete.

  6. Core values of OSU—especially those emphasizing an environment of respect for excellence and performance, for diversity and for respect of every individual relationship—shall be instilled in all phases of intercollegiate athletics.   Student-athletes shall be counseled on, and held responsible for, destructive and abusive behaviors, including those involving alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual misconduct and other areas impacting the worth and dignity of the individual.   Only prospective student-athletes with the ability to succeed academically and a willingness to subscribe to the core values of the university shall be recruited with a process, and in an atmosphere, exemplifying these same core values.

  7. A comprehensive educational program utilizing NCAA, conference and OSU materials and personnel will be maintained to provide information and interpretations for compliance with the eligibility, financial aid and recruiting rules of intercollegiate competition for employees of OSU assigned these responsibilities.

  8. In addition, OSU is directed to communicate clearly with its alumni, donors and other friends, as well as on-campus faculty, staff and fellow students, of their responsibility for proper actions in the recruitment and provision of benefits to individual studentathletes.  Individuals involved in violations will be disassociated from the OSU athletics programs.

  9. Finally, each member of the Board recognizes his/her special position as a representative of OSU, and thus, the need for his/her conduct to be exemplary with regard to NCAA rules compliance, including such specific rules as those which prohibit recruiting contacts on or off campus between a member of an institution’s board of regents and a prospective student-athlete.

Amended Date: 
April 22, 2005
June 22, 2018