Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents

Naming Institutional Facilities at Connors State College, Langston University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Oklahoma Panhandle State University


This Policy sets forth guidelines for naming or renaming facilities on the campuses of Connors State College, Langston University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Oklahoma Panhandle State University.  Nothing in this Policy shall be construed to restrict the Board from initiating or approving a name for any particular facility. (A separate policy applies to OSU – see Policy 2.16.)

  1. Definitions.

    1. In all instances where the words “person,” “individual” or “donor” are used  in this Policy to relate to persons in whose honor Facilities are named, the same  shall be deemed to include corporations or other appropriate legal entities.
    2. For the purpose of this Policy, “Facilities” refers to buildings, arenas,  stadiums, malls, plazas, architectural landscapes, and streets.
    3. For purposes of this Policy, “Buildings” shall include all structures  commonly housing or hosting people, workplaces, classes, and athletic events.

  2. Before any Facility that is financed or funded by issuance of tax exempt bonds is named in honor of a person or entity, institutional administrators shall consult with the Board’s Office of Legal Counsel to ensure that any applicable Internal Revenue Service rules or guidelines are complied with, so as to not negate the tax exempt status of the bonds.

  3. Facilities shall not be named for current faculty members or administrators, current members of the Board or persons currently in positions relating to institutional operations such as legislators and members of the OSRHE.

  4. Buildings. Residence halls should be named for individuals. Buildings whose function is academic should be given functional names. In those instances where it is deemed appropriate and advantageous for the institution, the name of an individual may be a part of an academic Building's name.

    1. The credentials, character and reputation of each individual for whom the  naming of a Building is being considered shall be carefully scrutinized and  evaluated. The Board expects discretion of the highest caliber to be exercised in  such deliberations. Nominations submitted to the Board for consideration and  action must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.
    2. Buildings may be named for persons who have rendered significant  service to education in Oklahoma or the nation; or who have distinguished themselves in the work of a college, campus, discipline or department at the  institution or elsewhere; or who are indigenous to the area and hold a unique  place in history; or who have made a substantial gift to the institution through its  official fund-raising arm.
    3. To minimize exterior lettering, listings in directories, mailing addresses,  class schedules, etc., the naming of a Building in honor of an individual should  use the surname only. A suitable plaque should be located in the lobby or other  appropriate inside location, giving the full name and brief biography of the person  honored.
    4. To the extent feasible, a uniform system of external marking of Buildings  will be adopted. Metallic, non-corrosive letters should be used.
    5. To ensure uniformity, to the extent feasible, in the designation of Buildings  by their primary function:

      1. A Building which serves as student living quarters shall be designated "hall" and bear the name in combination with a person's name.
      2. A Building primarily occupied by laboratories shall be designated "laboratory" and bear the name of the function; e.g., "Ceramics Laboratory," "Controlled-Environmental Research Laboratory," "Meat Laboratory." If named for a person, the surname should precede the functional name.
      3. A Building primarily occupied by offices and classrooms shall be designated "Building" and bear the name of the function. If named for a person, the surname should precede the functional name.
      4. Special use Buildings such as a hospital, auditorium, physical education center, etc., may bear the name separately or in combination with a person's name.

  5. Portions of Buildings. Sub-units of a new or existing Building may be named separately to recognize an outstanding individual or a donor wishing to contribute the cost of a portion of a Building, a room in a building, a major equipment item, a major art feature, etc. In these instances, an appropriate plaque may be installed to acknowledge such recognition.

  6. Streets. Streets within institutional property may be named in honor of historical events, places or persons. A recommendation to change the name of a street will be considered by the Board only in those instances where the advantages to the institution can be clearly documented.

  7. Malls, Plazas, Arenas and Architectural Landscapes. As a general rule, malls, plazas, arenas and architectural landscapes will not be named for individuals. Exceptions to this Policy may be approved by the Board.

  8. Furnishings. Donors wishing to furnish a lounge, office, conference room, etc., will be honored by an attractive plaque on the door or at an appropriate inside location, indicating they provided furnishings for the room.

  9. The President of the institution will establish procedures that implement this Policy in such a manner as to ensure involvement at the department or division level and still ensure institutional-wide aesthetics, qualitative standards and optimum donor support. The President will bring to the Board recommendations on naming Facilities. The Board will consider recommendations that are an exception to this Policy.

Approved Date: 
December 10, 1993
Amended Date: 
June 20, 1997
June 22, 2018