Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents

Structure of Institutional Agendas for Board Meetings and Identification of Items Requiring Action by the Board


The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform structure for institutional agendas for Board meetings, and to assist the Presidents in identifying the various matters which are to be presented for formal action by the Board. Each proposed Board action is to be presented in the following agenda item format and sent in a timely manner to the Board and CEO in advance of the scheduled Board meeting. Categories A. and M. are to be presented as informational items and do not require action by the Board. All other items listed below do require Board approval.

The Board expects the Presidents of all institutions to present to the Board for information or action anything that they consider to be significant enough to their institutions that awareness or action is required by the Board. The following topics under each category are intended to be broad and non-prescriptive. However, they are also intended to place the responsibility on the Presidents to keep the Board informed of essential and sensitive issues while obtaining Board approval for those issues requiring Board action.

  1. General Information/Reports Requiring No Action by the Board
  2. Resolutions
    Memorial Resolutions
    Resolutions of appreciation
  3. Policy and Operational Procedures
    Institutional procedures for granting tenure
    Institutional travel policies
    Faculty and staff handbooks and modifications thereto
    Consortium agreements between two or more schools
    Incentive awards programs
    Awarding of honorary degrees
    Institutional mission statements
    Benefit and retirement plans (does not include premium, contribution or plan design changes)
    Special fees and modifications thereof
    Requests to waive Board Policy
    Board approved institutional policies and revisions thereto (See Board Policy 1.13)
    Official seals for colleges/universities
    Salary programs
  4. Personnel Actions
    Personnel actions consistent with Board Policies 3.01, 3.02 and 3.03
    Position description for major administrative personnel (See Board Policy 3.03)
  5. Instructional Programs
    New courses
    New instructional programs
    Curricular and degree modifications
    Off-campus course offerings
    New degree programs and termination of degree programs
    Report of program reviews
  6. Budgetary Actions
    Annual operating budgets
    Budget revisions which significantly impact E&G, Part I; E&G, Part II; and Auxiliary Enterprises
  7. Other Business and Financial Matters
    Acceptance of gifts of real property to the institution
    Acceptance of foundation projects
    Sale of real property
    Purchase of real property requiring Board approval (See Board Policy 2.07 (4) (A))
    Granting, termination, or abandonment of easements
    Authorization to advertise for mineral leases
    Mineral leases
    Lease agreements requiring Board approval (See Board Policy 2.07)
    All actions related to sale of revenue bonds (selection of financial advisor and bond legal counsel, sale of revenue bonds, selection of trustee bank, etc.)
    All actions related to the defeasance of revenue bonds
    Naming/renaming buildings and other facilities (See Board Policies 2.16 and 2.17)
    Self-insurance programs
    Distribution of group life surplus
    Revisions to campus master plans
    Commission of peace officers (See 74 O.S. § 360.15, et seq.)
    Revocation of peace officer commissions (See 74 O.S. § 360.15, et seq.)
    Change in building function
    Discontinuance of student loan funds
  8. Contractual Agreements (other than construction and renovation)
    Contracts with alumni associations and institutional foundations
    Contracts in excess of the institution's Board approval limit
  9. New Construction or Renovation of Facilities
    Initiation of construction project and appropriation
    Begin architectural/engineering consultant selection process, selection of architect/engineer, approval of detailed design, etc. (See Board Policy 2.09)
    Award construction contract
    Increase in project scope
    Construction for new or renovation projects that exceed the construction limit established in board policy 2.09, attachment C, section E
    Purchases for renovations to Presidents' residences (See Board Policy 2.07)
    Removal of existing structures
    Revision of funding for construction projects
  10. Purchase Requests
    See Board Policy 2.07
  11. Student Services/Activities
    New student fees and modifications thereto
    Room and board rates
    Student rights and responsibilities statements and modifications thereto (See Board Policy 1.19)
  12. New Business Unforeseen At Time Agenda Was Posted
  13. Other Informational Matters Not Requiring Action of the Board
    Institutional academic calendars

    Approved Date: 
    June 20, 1997
    Amended Date: 
    October 27, 2006
    January 20, 2012
    June 22, 2018
    June 16, 2023