Office of Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel has as its primary function the responsibility of providing professional advice and legal services to the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma State University and Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. As lawyers for the Board, the attorneys in the Office serve as legal advisors to the organization acting through its duly authorized constituents including the Board's Chief Executive Officer and the presidents and administrators of the five institutions in the OSU/A&M System. In the performance of these services, the lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel should exercise independent professional judgment and render candid advice and, in doing so, may refer not only to the law, but to other considerations such as moral, economic, social, and political factors that may be relevant.

Contact Information

5th Floor - Student Union
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-7044

Phone: 405-744-6494
FAX: 405-744-7998

Steve Stephens
General Counsel

Michael Scott Fern
Deputy General Counsel

Brandee Hancock
Associate General Counsel

Clinton W. Pratt
Assistant General Counsel

Erika Artinger
Senior Staff Attorney

Gaylan Towle II
Senior Staff Attorney

Lyman Lenker IV
Staff Attorney

Cynthia Michele Pearson
Office Manager

Katie Jo McCool
Administrative Associate

Samantha Wills
Administrative Assistant


1111 W. 17th St.
Office A-427
Tulsa, OK  74107

Phone: 918-561-8205

Amy Newton
Senior Staff Attorney

Kinsey Wyatt
Staff Attorney