Purchase and Sale of Livestock, Poultry and Crops



Accountability for Livestock

Each staff member charged with the responsibility of an institutional herd or livestock research project will keep an inventory of the individual animals under his/her direction. Forms for this purpose will be provided to keep all records on a uniform basis. This inventory will be kept current with additions through births or purchases, as well as sales or deaths, and will be reported on a monthly basis to the Board.


Purchases of Livestock

Freedom to operate efficiently and responsibility for the decisions made rests mainly with the staff member in charge of a herd or livestock research project. The responsible party requests permission from the president of the institution or the administrative head of a department or institution assigned responsibility for livestock operations to purchase livestock, giving all details of the proposed purchase. If the proposed purchase conforms to the general plan of operation or institutional policy and if funds are available, the purchase will be approved. As soon as the terms of the purchase have been determined, a copy of the purchase invoice along with a written statement on other important points of the transaction will be submitted to the head of the department or institution or other party assigned this responsibility. The requisition is then written with the invoice attached.


Sale of Livestock



Research or Herd Animals on which no further data are required

Slaughter Animals

Animals in this category will be sold at recognized public stockyards or auction sale barns.



Feeder Animals

Cattle and sheep in this category will be sold at public stockyards or auction sale barns.

In the case of feeder pigs, a health problem not common to cattle or sheep is involved. For this reason it may be best to sell at private treaty. In most cases purchasers prefer not to buy at stockyards or livestock auctions. Decisions on how to obtain the greatest returns on these animals rest with the staff member assigned responsibility for the herd or project.



Research or Herd Animals on which carcass or other information is desired

The project leader will arrange for the sale of all animals where carcass data or anatomical parts of the animals are required. Slaughterers vary in the kind of livestock they can handle, in their facilities, and their willingness to provide carcass or anatomical data. The proper handling of research animals must be planned for in advance. It is, therefore, necessary for project leaders to have freedom to make arrangements for such services and the conditional sales of these animals well in advance. Animals in this category will generally be sold directly to the slaughterer and need not go through public stockyards or auction sales barns.



Sale of Registered Animals

Animals that become surplus in the herds and are of a quality and general desirability to be useful and valuable as breeding animals may be sold by the staff member in charge, with the approval of the administrator in charge. These sales may be made by private treaty at fair market value to anyone other than employees of the institutions or by public sale (auction or sealed bids) without restriction as to purchasers. Full responsibility for meeting breeding guarantees must be assumed. This means that the staff member in charge of a herd must have freedom to make what he/she considers to be equitable adjustments when breeding guarantees are not fulfilled.


Purchase or Sale of Entire Breeding Herds

Approval by the Board will be sought before a breeding herd of a new breed is purchased or a herd of an existing breed is dispersed.


Poultry and Crops

Purchase or sale of poultry and crops will be at the discretion of the appropriate institutional official with the ultimate test to be the arrangement that will offer the best advantage to the institution.

Approved Date: 
April 7, 1967
April 8, 1967
Revised Date: 
June 20, 1967