Presentations to the Board by Representatives of the Campus Community


The Board of Regents is vitally interested in all aspects of the OSU/A&M institutions, both within classrooms and laboratories and in extra-curricular areas. It intends to keep well informed about problems, activities, and progress in all areas. To this end it may rely on responsible reporting and ideas from student newspapers and other media, and official minutes and reports from faculty and student groups. However, the Board of Regents will continue to look to the presidents of the institutions for official reporting on activities, problems, and progress.

The Board of Regents is pleased that the presidents have regularly involved fellow administrators, faculty, and students in presentations in the past and believes the practice has merit since it can involve more of the total resources of the institutions.

The Board of Regents will continue to look to the presidents for recommendations regarding institutional business to be brought before it. Accordingly, faculty, staff, and students desiring to present matters to the Board of Regents are asked to work through established administrative channels.

Approved Date: 
September 6, 1969
Revised Date: 
June 20, 1997
March 1, 2013