Operations of the Office of Internal Audit


Pursuant to Title 70, Oklahoma Statutes Supp. 1996, Section 3909D., there shall be an Office of Internal Audit which shall be solely responsible to the Board in the manner the Board prescribes. The headquarters of internal auditing operations shall be located on the OSU-Stillwater campus. Programs or scope of work to be conducted by internal auditors shall be prescribed and approved by the Board. All internal audit reports shall be submitted at the same time to the Board and to the president of the institution involved. Institutional administrators shall provide written responses to all internal audit reports, copies of which shall be presented to the Board in the manner it prescribes. Such responses shall be submitted to the Board over the signature of each of the respective presidents or a member of the president’s management team.

There shall be a Chief Audit Executive who shall be employed by the Board upon the recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Audit Executive is responsible to the CEO on behalf of the Board for the satisfactory performance of his/her office and all internal auditing personnel. The placement of internal auditing personnel shall be proposed by the Chief Audit Executive and approved by the CEO to accomplish the program of internal audits as prescribed and approved by the Board. The employment of all internal auditing personnel shall be upon the recommendation of the CEO, as is the case for all other personnel directly serving the Board.

The annual budget for the Office of Internal Audit and the internal auditing operations by the Board shall be administered by the CEO as is the current practice for other budgetary operations of the Board. All institutional administrators are to fully cooperate with the CEO and the Board’s internal auditing staff, and all records, documents and other information relevant to the fiscal and business management of all budget agencies under the jurisdiction of this Board shall be available to said agents of this Board.

Approved Date: 
October 9, 1987
Revised Date: 
June 20, 1997
January 20, 2012
April 24, 2015