Policy Statement to Govern Appointment, Renewal and Nonrenewal of Appointment, Promotion, Dismissal and Retirement

  1. Introduction

    It is the policy of the Board of Regents that the laws of the United States and of the State of Oklahoma shall be upheld and obeyed in all of its actions. In stating this policy, the Board of Regents is especially aware of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and other Federal laws and regulations, and continues not to discriminate against persons on the basis of an individual’s protected status, including age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, qualified disability, marital status, status as a veteran or other protected status as defined by law or policy. Such nondiscrimination applies to all policies, practices, and procedures, including those pertaining to admission, employment, financial aid, and education services. The administration of each institution governed by the Board of Regents is directed to develop, establish and observe procedures which implement the nondiscriminatory policy of the Board of Regents. In all such instances, the Board of Regents encourages the inclusion of minorities and women.

    Clearly stated and sound policies governing appointments, renewal and nonrenewal of appointments, tenure, promotion, dismissal, retirement, sabbaticals and related matters assist faculty and administrators to perform effectively. The opportunity to offer suggestions relative to improvement of policies is likewise an important means of maintaining a productive general faculty and staff. This requires a general policy of revision and updating as opportunities for improvement of institutional welfare arise. The Board of Regents encourages faculty, staff, administrators, and students to make recommendations to the president of the institution. Such recommendations which can be supported by the president should be submitted to the Board of Regents for its consideration.

    In order to implement this policy of the Board of Regents, each institution has been directed to develop written statements of procedure to manage the appointment, the renewal and nonrenewal of appointment, the promotion, dismissal, and the retirement of faculty and the selection and retention of administrators (below the level of president). Current statements of institutional procedures shall be maintained on file with the Board of Regents and the institution as a matter of public record and shall be duly effective only insofar as they are in strict compliance with Board of Regents policy.

    While the appropriate chief administrator is charged with the responsibility of recommending appointments, promotions, discontinuances, and retirement of personnel, he/she shall secure appropriate faculty counsel and may consider student input before making recommendations. "Appropriate faculty counsel" referred to in this policy statement normally will involve obtaining a recommendation from (1) the faculty, or (2) a special or permanent committee of the faculty of the administrative unit involved, or (3) duly-elected boards, senate or councils at division, college or departmental level.

  2. Appointment of President

    Prior to initiating a search for a president, the Board of Regents will approve the procedures which will guide the process. These procedures will specify the methodology for developing a Position Description and Qualifications Statement, the composition of the Search Committee, and the involvement of institutional constituencies. The decision to select and employ a president or to reject all candidates or to reopen the search shall at all times remain solely the responsibility of the Board of Regents.

  3. Appointment of Other Major Administrative Personnel

    With regard to the appointment of other major administrative personnel, appropriate consultation shall be secured from the Board of Regents. This will include presenting the Board of Regents with a complete job description of the position to be filled and minimum required qualifications, both of which must have Board of Regents approval prior to the acceptance of applications or initiating screening procedures of applicants.

    Appropriate counsel shall precede any recommendation for appointment by the president. Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Regents, the president may consult and/or involve faculty, staff, students and other citizens in making recommendations to the Board of Regents. Faculty input shall precede recommendation of appointment to administrative positions which entail direct or indirect supervision of faculty members or which have direct bearing on the work of the faculty, including vice presidents, registrar, director of admissions, assistant vice presidents, deans, librarians or directors of comparable rank, associate and assistant deans, and unit administrators.

    The president shall recommend major administrative personnel to the Board of Regents for approval. Major administrative personnel shall be considered to be those holding, or to hold, the title of vice-president, dean, or an equivalent administrator of a major administrative unit.

  4. Appointment of Faculty

    Faculty shall be appointed by the Board of Regents only after the vacancy has been advertised appropriately, after applicants have been carefully screened to ensure they meet all necessary minimum requirements, and after appropriate faculty counsel has been obtained. In all cases, the person judged to be the best qualified and most apt to render successful service shall be appointed.

  5. Retention or Reappointment of Administrators

    The continuation of administrators in their positions at institutions under the operational control of the Board of Regents is a result of demonstrated satisfactory performance. The concept of tenure in an administrative position is not applicable.

    Each administrator's performance shall be continually evaluated. Administrators under the president's level shall be evaluated by the responsible administrative supervisor in each institution. The evaluation shall be made in accord with the evaluation procedures developed in the institution where the administrator is employed. All evaluation procedures in each institution shall be developed under the direction of the president and are subject to the approval of the Board of Regents.

    In instances where the performance of an administrator is determined to be unsatisfactory, the future performance by such an administrator must be carefully monitored by the administrative supervisor responsible for that administrator. Continuing failure to improve by an administrator whose present or past performance is unsatisfactory may result in reassignment to other duties or termination of employment.

    The performance of presidents will be evaluated only by the governing Board of Regents. Retention or reappointment of presidents is a result of demonstrated satisfactory performance in such areas as:

    • Academic Leadership
    • Administrative Leadership
    • Financial Responsibility
    • Personnel Management
    • Implementation of Board and Institutional Policies
    • Maintenance of Confidence and Respect of the Board of Regents and the Relevant Constituencies and Publics of the Institution
  6. Reappointment of Faculty

    Faculty shall be evaluated systematically prior to reappointment. Campus administrators shall seek faculty counsel in an appropriate fashion prior to making personnel recommendations to the Board of Regents. The administration of each institution governed by the Board of Regents is directed to develop and establish appropriate evaluation procedures which will facilitate making reasonable decisions regarding reappointment of faculty. Such procedures may also include input from administrators, staff and students.

  7. Non-reappointment and Dismissal of Faculty

    Faculty will be given adequate notice of the decision to dismiss or not to recommend reappointment and reasonable institutional procedures shall be available to the affected faculty member who wishes to dispute the adequacy of the process observed in making the adverse recommendation. "Adequate notice" regarding non-reappointment shall be defined at each institution governed by the Board of Regents, with the definition taking into account academic rank, years of service, institutional function, and other relevant circumstances. The administration of each institution shall develop and implement appropriate procedures for reaching decisions regarding dismissal and non-reappointment and for institutional review of grievances related to such decisions.

  8. Promotion of Faculty

    Faculty shall be eligible for consideration for promotion provided they meet the criteria established by the individual institutions. Furthermore, administrators responsible for making promotion recommendations shall seek faculty counsel in an appropriate fashion. The administration of each institution shall be responsible for developing appropriate definitions and procedures to implement this policy.

  9. Retirement

    The retirement policies of the Board of Regents for all personnel are in force as approved by the Board of Regents.

Approved Date: 
December 9, 1977
Revised Date: 
June 20, 1997
March 1, 2013