Duties of the officers


(a)       The Chairman of the Board shall preside at all meetings and shall have full right of discussion and voting. He shall sign all legal documents on behalf of the Board. He shall sign all diplomas. He shall appoint all committees of the Board.

(b)       The Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his absence or temporary disability.

(c)        The Secretary shall attest to the execution of all legal papers, contracts and related documents.

(d)       The Secretary of the Board shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Board, shall have care of all communications and reports to the Board, shall have charge of the Seal of the Board. The Secretary shall have no vote.

(e)       The Secretary is empowered, authorized and directed to audit all accounts against the funds appropriated for the use and maintenance of the Oklahoma State University located at Stillwater, Oklahoma, and the other colleges and universities under the jurisdiction and control of this Board, including separate agencies, and including the expenses of this Board.

(f)        In the auditing of said accounts, as directed in the foregoing paragraph, said Secretary is authorized to accept the certification of the Presidents of the various universities and colleges as to the factual matters involved in all said claims to be so audited, and shall be held responsible to this Board only to see that all claims are within the availability of funds, and are in keeping with the policies of this Board as formally reflected by its official minutes.

(g)       All individual claims and/or payroll claims for the institutions governed by the Board of Regents will be certified for payment by the appointed head of the institution or their designated administrative employees.

(h)       The Secretary is the Board’s agent, under official bond, for certifying checks made payable to the Board of Regents, and said endorsement shall read “For Deposit Only” to the particular institution concerned.

(i)        The Secretary’s office duties and personal office hours will remain flexible in order to permit sufficient time for travel to the several institutions. He will be responsible for the staff and efficient operation of the Board’s offices. The Secretary will assist the Presidents wherever possible upon any matter coming before their institutions, and will frequent the campuses as necessary to carry out the policies of the Board and to assist the Presidents. He will be the official liaison officer between the Board and the institutional presidents.

(j)        The Chairman of the Board shall supervise the Secretary’s additional personal activities, such as personal leave of absence and out—of—state travel, and official out—of—state travel. The Chairman, acting on behalf of the entire Board, shall be responsible for all of the activities of the Secretary in the performance of his official duties.