Governance Philosophy


The Board of Regents has full responsibility and authority to the extent specified by law for the control and administration of the agricultural and mechanical colleges. Its functions are legislative in the establishing of all general policies affecting the agricultural and mechanical colleges, their relation one to another, and the prescribing of such rules and regulations as may bring these policies into effect. Its judicial functions shall be limited to acting as a court of final settlement for matters that cannot be satisfactorily adjusted by the Presidents of the colleges. Its executive power is delegated to the Presidents of the agricultural and mechanical colleges and their assistants.

The Board of Regents consults with and gives advice to the Presidents on matters related to the institutions. The Board of Regents expects that there be free and open communication between the Presidents and the Regents regarding matters of strategic importance and matters that have the possibility of significant risk to the Board or the institutions. The Presidents shall establish systems and procedures at the institutions for identifying and reporting such matters.

Amended Date: 
March 1, 2013