Consideration of Institutional Travel


The Board hereby delegates approval of institutional travel to the institutional presidents, or their designees. The various administrations are to provide a monthly travel summary in the Board agenda with the exception of Oklahoma State University which will provide a quarterly travel report to the Board Office. Each institution is to submit to the Board's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in advance of each Board meeting travel request data which includes names, funding sources, destinations, and dates of travel for individuals traveling outside the continental United States on behalf of Oklahoma State University and individuals traveling outside the State of Oklahoma on behalf of Connors State College, Langston University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and Oklahoma Panhandle State University. While the CEO will not accord interim approval, the CEO will provide scrutiny and discuss with the institutional presidents any unusual requests. The CEO may notify the Board of individual travel requests which warrant special attention.

Approved Date: 
November 5, 1993
Revised Date: 
June 20, 1997
January 20, 2012